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Ethical investing is an investment approach where investors’ social and moral preference/principles become priorities when making investment decisions.

ESG Investments

Investing ethically means people choose to invest in companies that meet a range of ethical and environmental criteria – such as not taking profit from alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and animal testing etc. and being involved in positive social and environmental activities.

The demand for ESG Investments (Environmental, Social and Governance) is on the rise, which fuels the need for companies to increasingly offer more funds that match these criteria.

As companies are generally beginning to take steps towards ethical and sustainable practices, opportunities for ethical investments increase. Likewise, companies are aware of these ethically conscious investors, which in turn encourages them to embrace ethical operations. This circle is constantly growing and by taking part, we can help bring positive change to the world.

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Finding the Right Ethical Investment Funds

The aim of ethical investing is to match your concerns with an investment return. We firmly believe that ethical investing does not mean foregoing performance. Independent research by Morningstar (How Does European Sustainable Funds’ Performance Measure Up? – Published June 2020) supports our view, as over the last 10 years there has been no need to forgo performance to ensure investments are sustainable.

If you are interested in ethical investing, we can discuss with you what areas you particularly want to focus on and invest on this basis. We have a range of risk rated ethical portfolios designed specifically for ethical investing.

As with all our other portfolios, your investments will undergo quarterly reviews that will assess the level of risk and monitor for maximum return potential. We will also identify funds that have superior management and consistently good results, giving the best chances of making a good investment while prioritising your ethical criteria.

If you would like to discuss ethical investments, get in touch with our team today.

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Ethical Investments
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