Portfolio Management

Independent financial advice

We are fully independent and always treat each client as an individual. We can select any provider or product which best matches a client’s needs. In addition to being able to select a provider, product, and funds from the entire marketplace, we have created our own risk graded portfolios, which can be used within your pension or other investment wrappers.

Risk Graded Portfolios

Investments can go down as well as up, meaning you may not get back the original amount you invested. This is why understanding your long-term needs and objectives is so important. Recognising this, our portfolios are risk graded. What this means is that our portfolio management services keep your investments at a level of risk that you are comfortable with. We will discuss your attitude to risk with you using risk profiling tools to help us select a portfolio you are comfortable with.

For example, for those who could not take the risk of a loss or would be uncomfortable with significant risk we have our preservation portfolios. These aim to protect your investments from as much loss as possible whilst still participating in some of the potential gains from investing.

We have a range of growth portfolios which are designed in a way to maximise returns at a level of risk acceptable to you. If you are looking for long term capital growth these portfolios may be appropriate.

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Ethical Investments

Finally, we have our ethical portfolios. These are also risk rated, so could be appropriate for a range of investors. The difference here is that portfolio management will be performed in line with your ethical requirements and concerns. We do not believe investing ethically means you have to forego investment performance.

Whichever portfolio you invest in it is crucial that these portfolios are reviewed regularly and are rebalanced due to changes in the market. We review our portfolios quarterly and make any changes as necessary. You can be assured your investment will remain in line with your needs and objectives, as well as your attitude to risk and your ethical requirements.

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Portfolio Management
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