2nd Investors Lunch - Rowton Castle

March 24, 2022

On Thursday 3rd March, we held our second Investors Lunch at Rowton Castle, Shrewsbury. It was a wet and gloomy day but inside the castle it was bright and vibrant for our advisers, guest speakers and current and prospective clients.

Attendees were treated to two guest speakers, Henry Cobbe of Elston Consulting, and James Alcock from Octopus Investments.

Henry is Director and Head of Research at Elston Consulting which researches and develops investment strategies for UK advisers and wealth managers.


Henry gave a detailed and informative talk on differing ways of selecting equities for investment. Henry explained the difference between value stocks and growth stocks and his approach shifting towards favouring value stocks which is an approach focussing on long term fundamentals of the company in question determining whether they are currently undervalued and therefore represent a buying opportunity. In contrast growth investing focusses on investing in businesses which appear to be growing much faster than the industry average.


James Alcock is Executive Business Development Manager at Octopus Investments. James gave a wide-ranging talks on inheritance tax mitigation and multiple options for clients to consider such as gifting, trust planning, protection options and investing in portfolios attracting business property relief which can remove money from an estate within two years. Should you wish to discuss inheritance tax planning please do not hesitate to contact your adviser for a discussion.


Speaking about the event, Mark Evans said; “It has been wonderful to welcome everyone to join us again for this event. Bringing together clients and financial experts at these events is providing a new facet to the advice and knowledge our advisers provide to our clients. We are incredibly grateful to Henry and James who were able to join us today”.

“As fully independent financial advisers we are able to guide our clients without bias with a truly customised, outcome-focused approach, so spending time understanding their financial journey and plans is vitally important to us.”


Attendees feedback after the event has been overwhelmingly positive and the following quote echoes perfectly the comments received, “Thank you to you and your colleagues at Beaumont Wealth for such an enjoyable event today. Delicious lunch, good company and interesting talks. It was all quite a treat and the happy atmosphere was an indication that all your guests enjoyed it as much as we did”.

If you or someone you know would like to attend our events, please send an email to [email protected].


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