Investment Advisory Services

Our philosophy is helping our clients achieve financial freedom.

Our investment advisory services help free you from financial worries. We can offer a one-off piece of advice that focuses on a specific issue. Or, we can talk about a lifelong, ongoing partnership that helps you put plans in place to keep on track of a multi-asset investment portfolio.

Investing is an essential part of building wealth and achieving financial goals. However, with so many investment options and strategies available, knowing where to start and how to make informed decisions can be challenging. If you are reading this, you are already on the right path. But, you might need investment advisory services.

Our investment advisory service is for people who want to manage their own money but also need the help of a professional investment specialist. Your manager will recommend investment portfolios that suit your needs and offer ongoing support that guides you toward better investment decisions. Depending on how involved you would like to be, there are different levels of support available.

Investment Advice

How Can Our Investment Advisory Service Help You?

At the core of most financial plans is a solid investment strategy, especially when it comes to planning for retirement. Our team offers comprehensive advice that takes into account your specific needs and goals, including the importance of any pensions.

We offer comprehensive investment advice, helping you plan for a more financially secure future. Maybe we’ll work with you during an accumulation phase, this is when you’re saving money for a specific goal like retirement or helping children buy a home. Or, we can work with you during the decumulation phase, which is when there is no longer a regular income so you need to withdraw from established reserves to fund your life (this is after retirement).

Whatever stage of life you are at, our financial advisors will be able to help you. In an initial consultation, we talk about your situation, your attitude to risk, your capacity for loss, any ethical preferences of investment and the amount of time you have to invest the money before you may need to draw from the fund. These are just a few of the considerations that your advisor will talk through, before deciding on the right investment for you. Advice is completely bespoke and tailored to your unique needs, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Types of Investment Advisory Services:

There are two main services…

Advisory Managed

This is when you work with an investment specialist who clearly understands your objectives. They will involve you in the decision making process and you’ll benefit from the advice of an expert. The financial advisor will regularly monitor your complex and evolving portfolio to check you are on track. You have active involvement, so the final decision rests with you, but it is still a collaborative approach.

Discretionary Investment

This is when the investment specialist has ultimate control over your portfolio and asset management. They have the discretion to change and alter your portfolio/investments as and when they feel it is appropriate. The investment specialist doesn’t need to run anything by you or ask for your approval.

If you choose a discretionary investment, parameters will be set at the start. This might cover specific investment requests, such as investing ethically or avoiding certain asset classes.

Deciding on Investment Services

To decide on the type of investment services you are looking for, you need to think about the ongoing relationship you want to have with your investment portfolio. How involved do you want to be with day-to-day running? Usually, this will depend on how much experience you have with investing. If it is something you are very familiar with, you might lean toward advisory management, working in closer partnership with your financial advisor. Or, if you are new to the world of investment, you might prefer discretionary investment, putting your finances completely in the hands of a trusted professional.

It’s a very personal decision, but with a free consultation, our investment teams can help identify the best approach for you.

About Beaumont Wealth’s Services

We are committed to using tax-efficient investment products that meet your needs. Whilst you will pay the correct amount of tax, we work hard to use your allowable allowances, such as income tax or capital gains tax allowances, to minimise the amount of tax you will pay.

There are multiple products we use to allow us this flexibility. Often clients will have a general investment account, an ISA, a pension and perhaps an investment bond. We help structure these in a way that is clear, transparent and easy to understand. From there, we have the flexibility and experience to create a sophisticated investment plan that meets your needs. If you choose our ongoing service, we will regularly review your plans with you to help keep things on track, making any changes as necessary.

By working with a financial advisor, you can set realistic financial goals, manage investment risks, stay informed about market trends, save time, and plan for retirement. It’s important to work with a qualified investment specialist who has the appropriate credentials and expertise to ensure you receive reliable and trustworthy investment advice.

What Next?

We take managing your finances very seriously. With over 23 years of experience, our highly qualified team is an expert across all assets. Our independent advisors help clients achieve financial stability through clever investment strategies, pension planning, tax planning and estate planning.

We offer a truly personalised investment management service, building long-lasting client relationships. Our wide range of services helps create a financial roadmap, putting you on the path to achieving your goals

Contact our team today to book your free initial consultation with one of our investment specialists, either in one of our offices or in the comfort of your own home.

“Thank you both [Matt Hignett & Samantha Bound] for your help and advice, and for explaining everything in simple terms. 6 months ago I was expecting to work until I was 65, so to say your advice has been “life changing” certainly isn’t an understatement.”

Graham, Wirral

“Matt has advised me throughout the retirement and pension process. Matt is always available and responds promptly and expertly to any query or request I have had, explains every option and gives the best advice for me. I would not hesitate in recommending Matt for any financial advice and I’m sure Matt won’t mind me thanking Hilary for her help as well.”

John, Ellesmere Port

“I have had, am having, a really positive experience with Beaumont Wealth. Matt really listens to what is important for you and finds the best products for your circumstances. I have been kept up to date in these difficult times we all find ourselves in. I have always found everyone I have dealt with very friendly and helpful and would recommend Beaumont Wealth to everyone.”

Kim, Wirral

“Mark and his team have consistently provided excellent service and ensured that at all times up to date financial information and advice was made available in clear reports or using secure information portals.”

Tim, Worcester

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