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Whether you are making plans for early retirement, or saving for later life, knowledgeable and honest financial advice on your retirement options is essential.

From saving to investing, budgeting to spending our team can offer huge amounts of advice, creating a flexible retirement plan that works around you. We can also talk about estate planning, long-term care planning and tax planning. Our advice helps you make the most out of your pension, and any other investments, ensuring you can achieve the retirement you dream of.

What is a Retirement Plan Advisor?

Most people feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning their retirement or choosing where to invest their money. But, it is important to have a plan. That’s what retirement advisors help with (and it’s what they do best too!).

At Beaumont Wealth we help our clients feel more confident about their retirement plan and their financial future. We create bespoke plans that are suited to your age, lifestyle and risk aversion, helping you invest in your future. 

A retirement advisor is a specific kind of financial professional who specialises in retirement planning. Our advisors can work with you to create investment strategies to accumulate wealth. They help ensure you will have a reliable income in retirement.

retirement planning

Retirement Pension Plans

Whether you are at the beginning of your working life or if you are approaching retirement, we are here to help. It is never too early to start thinking about your retirement.

We have helped so many clients save successfully for retirement, allowing them to retire with confidence even in tricky market conditions.

How Retirement Planning Works

A certified financial planner will discuss your personal situation, your needs and objectives and your risk aversion. Once we have talked this through, we will tailor a financial plan to help you meet your goals.

The plan is essentially a roadmap that plots your route toward retirement. One part of this plan is the growth you will accumulate during your working life, how to invest it best and how to access it further down the line.

We’ll also talk about the vesting age, this is your desired point of retirement (when you can access your pension). We know this might change, and changing State Pension age might affect this too, but having a number in mind is good. We’ll talk about your options, such as taking a tax-free lump sum.

Then, we’ll talk about the decumulation phase. This is your actual retirement, we can help you manage your money after retirement too.

Our plans also take into account a range of important factors like estate planning, tax planning and life insurance.

Finding the Best Retirement Pension Plan for You

If you are saving for retirement, we will consider how best to invest your savings and how much you can afford to put away regularly towards your retirement. We will invest your money as tax efficiently as possible and in line with your attitude to risk. We have a variety of risk-based portfolios available, to help to meet your objectives. Through our ongoing service, we will review your retirement pension plan with you regularly, to make sure things are on track making any changes as necessary.

Once you reach retirement and are ready to take income from your plans we will discuss the most tax-efficient way of doing this. This ensures you have confidence that your retirement is safe and secure, with a team of professionals working in partnership with you to keep things on track.

The Benefits of Retirement Planning Services

Tailored Advice

Professional retirement planning services are completely tailored to you and your unique situation. It is never a one-size-fits-all approach. The advice of a professional means you don’t have to spend hours doing research alone. With their skill, you are more likely to receive higher returns, setting you up for a financially secure retirement.

Peace of Mind

Creating a flexible retirement plan is an exciting but often overwhelming task. Thankfully, a professional advisor can relieve you of some of this stress. Making sure you put enough money aside each month can be anxiety-inducing, and so can thinking about estate planning or investment funds, but professionals are experts in these areas. Their years of experience and technical know-how ensure your retirement plan is set and stable.

Legacy Planning

Estate planning is an important part of the retirement planning process. Inheritance tax can reduce your estate hugely, but retirement planning services can help with this. These experts can ensure your assets are protected and preserved for the next generation.

Portfolio Management

Putting aside money each month is one thing, but actually having pension savings that are actively growing is another. Our advisors closely manage your portfolio’s performance, adjusting and altering any investments to ensure your needs are being met. What does this mean? It means your retirement pot will hopefully grow without you lifting a finger!

Managing Multiple Pensions

If you have multiple pension schemes, our advisors can help. Over the course of your life it’s more than likely you’ve accumulated at least a few separate pensions. Consolidating these into one can be a little complex. But, our retirement advisors can help you organise these pots.

Ready to Find A Financial Advisor?

To start planning for your future, get in touch with us. Our financial advisors have over 23 years of experience offering financial services, helping clients achieve their goals through exceptional management. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, offering advice from people who really care. 

Retirement planning shouldn’t have to be stressful, so don’t spend time losing sleep over it. Leave it to the experts. Get in touch with us today.


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